Lake County Approved Infrastructure Plans

My goal with this property was to develop a set of  county approved plans (view the plans) and then put in the infrastructure. The property would have 10 estate sized lots on a beautiful piece of property with 150 ft. of canal frontage leading to Lake Griffin. It took five years working my way through the various agencies but finally did get a county approved set of plans. However, the plans were not activated as I began to focus on other ventures. Based on my conversations with the county, the plans would now have to be resubmitted, with a fee of $139, and evaluated to see if any additional changes in the codes have occurred. If adjustments were required, the plans would just have to be brought up to date and then would be approved again. At that time, the cost of the infrastructure was approximately $125,000. 

Now that real estate in Florida is booming I don't have the time to begin the infrastructure construction and would just rather sell the property to someone who can take the ball passed the goal line.


The property asking price is $330,000. This includes the property as well as the plans, and I can be creative regarding financing if needed.

For more information or to  see the property, just contact me by phone at (352) 552-6120 or complete the form below:

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